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sat 04-03-99 The hedge three doors down is growing new green leaves, and the forsythia is out.

fri 04-09 Saw the Shared Choreographer's Concert at Dance Complex. I liked it better than the Anna Myer I saw yesterday. There was humor and more variety in the costumes, music, and movement. Four women in black with bare shoulders looking up and turning, shifting relationships and sharing weight; a piece about illness with a person dancing lying down and another shifting from singer to narrator to participant; two women who looked very much alike interacting and not interacting; what seemed two sets of three graces to much more familiar Vivaldi than last night.

sat 04-10 A gray tree with a large trunk and roots spreading out across the ground, by the sidewalk and a driveway and close to a house.
Went looking for Elizabeth Browning and also found Conrad Aiken, Brownstone Eclogues, poems about the city, and a book on Blake as an artist by Ruthven Todd, who tried to reproduce his methods.
Three ducks in front of me grooming and bending their tails, a green sheen on the female's head as she moves it in the sunlight.
Heard Olympia's Daughters with Valerie and Linda at the UU church in Sudbury, to support the organ restoration, after dinner at the Thai Orchard in Framingham. We had heard the group and gone to their workshop at GA.

mon 04-12 When I got home there was plaster in my small stainless mixing bowl. The landlord repaired the leak around the sliding doors and put it back in the dish drain without washing it well.

tue 04-13 The same light green as the tulips, bunches of small rounded fleshy leaves growing out of the dirt, with pale brown dead wooden stems sticking up out of them, in a narrow raised bed between the bricks and the sidewalk, on Longwood near St. Paul.

wed 04-14 Drove to Sharon for catfish and Mozart duets for violin and viola. I had thought they were quartets.

thu 04-15 The sound of an airplane, and three geese against the darkening sky and clouds, seen over the rooftops from my back window.

thu 04-22 Went with Valerie to hear Melissa Scott read at MIT and met Judy, Pam and Peg. A book to which she wanted to write a sequel did not sell well enough though it was a critical success. It was supposed to be from 7 to 10 pm but we got thrown out of the hall at 9:10 and went to a lobby where some people were beating sticks on the floor. I left without getting my book autographed.

fri 04-23 Didn't like the potato salad at Rebeca's yesterday so I had cookie and brownie today.
Saw a dance performance at Greet St Studio. I left here at 7:30, was parked on Brookline St eight minutes later, and was in my seat before quater of. They were by Ruth Brinberg and had some elements of contact improve. Live piano music of Debussy, Ravel, and Stravinsky on one and two pianos.

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