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fri 05-28-99 Went for a walk this evening with Valerie. To Grand Opening, the first time we had been there, saw a story by Eric and Rose and a vulva puppet. Stopped at a nursing mother store, saw newfoundland, rodesian ridge back, and papillon dogs, went to a russian grocery store and bought an apple pastry recommended by a customer and raisin and walnut rugelach. For dinner had chicken breast a la Valerie, asparagus, and dip your own garlic bread.

sat 05-29 With Valerie on the green line to goverment center, the holocaust memorial, through Quincy market making note of the chocolate macaroons, to Columbus park, saw fountain and rose garden all green, long wharf, saw jellyfish and red and pink geraniums, and aquarium.
Where we saw spider crabs, Valerie didn't look for me, leafy sea dragons, moon jellies, lost crocodiles found, penquins, african, rock hopper, and blue, sea otters and harbor seals outside, sea lion show, spiral tank, a blue lobster, sand shark, flounder buried in the sand, poisonous puffer fish, trigger fish, turtles, loggerhead, green, and I forget the other kind, tarpon with big scales, butterfly fish, stingrays, green and mottled moray eels, right whale skeleton, puffins, whale shark model, it eats plankton, atlantic salmon, trout, anaconda, poisonous tree frog, flat toad, needle fish, wolf fish, goose fish, all mouth, sea gooseberries, piranas, fish with arms in the boston harbor exhibit, starfish and horseshoe crab, and sea urchins.
At Quincy market we had fish and chips and calamari and a chocolate macaroon. Took the orange and red lines to see Cory in 1434 Ellison. Walked down Charles street, stopped at the card shop, went through the public garden, saw swan boats, swans, wedding party with a japanese bride, yellow and blue pansies, marigolds, petunias, along Comm ave mall, saw statues and firemen's memorial of Vendome fire, along Newbury street to Waterstones which is closing, no iced coffee, war protesters at Copley, green line from there, fat man got off and St Paul and went to Holiday inn, had cranberry and seltzer and home.

mon 05-31 To Borderlands with Valerie, hiked the west side, french, northwest, and ridge trails, and came back on the carrige road. We saw bracken, blue damselleflies, blue and brown dragonflies, pines, oaks with galls, sycamore, shag bark hickory, low bush blueberries in bloom, witchhazel, a large rock with a dead tree, much split rock, moss and lichen, orb spiders, a bright green beetle, lady slippers all over, yellow flowers with six petals, a yellow flower with five petals, a small toad, purple flowers like sweet peas with compound leaves in a field, a cocker spaniel, a springer spaniel, a beagle shepard mix, and a large beagle. Valerie made humus for lunch, and we had carrots and chips and apples on a rock by a pond and heard frogs.

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