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mon 03-01-99 Was called to a meeting with Bob, Elaine, Ed and Howard in the conference room after lunch. Talk of system needs and web based formdriver. Was asked to do sign on in M for west campus, based on Elaine's program. Promised help, and that it would be used. Got a new office.

tue 03-02 Awake at 3:56, listened to Stuff Smith and Bach, did my meditation and in at seven for the server upgrade. Looked at the new sign on program and met with Elaine, Howard, Valerie, Ed, Martin and Mike for lunch in the lunch room. David H and Bob too. Everybody's interested in what I'm doing. I had carrot cake. With just an IP address, I don't know where the device is and what printer to use. Was underdressed for the the big lab meeting. Moving registration and lab log in to east campus. Everybody else seemed to know what was going on. Bob dumped leadership on Sandy. Got a new office. Stayed at work til 6:15.

wed 03-03 Moved my terminal and M manuals to my new office. No connection.

thu 03-04 Connected. Cleaned the white board I found in the office.

fri 03-05 Got some work done. Maybe I haven't forgotten how to program.
Eight people at the massage discussion here. No actual massage was done.

sat 03-05 Went into work for an hour and got a print out of the program I'm working on. Sick. Snow late.

sun 03-07 More snow. Didn't make it to church for the choir performance.

mon 03-08 I look out the window and the sky is clear and the light is all pink and I think it's going to be a nice day. I wake up again later and it's dark. I must have dreamed that before. My watch says 6:30 so it seems like it should be light, then I see it says sun pm.
Clear and very cold.

thu 03-25 The sun is up. I can hear seagulls, a crow, cars; footsteps thumping upstairs, more traffic.
I having been getting tired reading and going to sleep early, and waking up in the dark.

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