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sun 02-01-98 two seagulls screaming, flying over in the rosy dawn. a pigeon on the edge of the roof next door with its neck stretched out, looking like a wine bottle.

boys playing basketball by the side of devotion school, heard and seen through the winter trees.

discovered i had two versions of delage, quatre poemes hindous, by upshaw and von otter.

mon 02-02 today is imbolc, half way from the the solstice to the equinox, winter is half over, the days are getting noticablely longer. clear and warm. still a little snow on the ground. cough mostly gone.

lunch with v, was able to follow my directions, brown sugar thai restaurant, pineapple fried rice and vegetable pad tai. walking back by the fens. showed off the fetal monitor display. expect script doesn't work with backup.

finally finished breath of suspension, stories by jablokov.

tue 02-03 clear again. up early, re started reading, tai chi, yoga, meditation, and journal. j found the problem with the script. h has disappeared. read a little in river of dust, jablokov.

wed 02-04 some clouds. meditation seems to take a long time.

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