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fri 01-02-98 lunch with v, shalimar in central square, nice buffet, potatoes and eggplant and some fried stuff, talk of mysticism and history. t stuck at charles, walk through the common, ice sculpture. moon a few days past new, at the edge of the western clouds.

sat 01-03 police had blocked route nine a few cars ahead of me at one twenty eight. we waited awhile, a helicopter flew over, then a funeral procession came by, i assume it was kennedy. several large busses, lots of cars, police all over the place blocking the side streets. do not know where they went.

sun 01-04 sunny and warm. clouds by the time i went out. the sami's is gone from harvard square. small businesses ard not doing well in boston, the rents are too high.

mon 01-05 still warm. moon at first quarter, seen reflected in the water in the gutter as i walk. found the indian fried things at bread and circus, not nearly as good as the ones at shalimar. this evening saw a car carrier on beacon st with a hearse and three limos, one white. special bullet proof government issue, being shipped back to washington? used only for kennedy funerals? i didn't put down that i started reading wells, the invisible man, a few days ago. a bit distracted lately.

tue 01-13 overcast and wet. home trying to get over this cold.

late, clearing, wind from the north, may be cold tomorrow, moon a little past full. listening to hahn's bach violin, the echo is less noticeable without headphones.

wed 01-14 clear and dark, puffs of cloud to the north, sky lightening to the south east, two bats headed home over the apartments in front, one cold person crossing the street.

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