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wed 05-20-98 just before i left to meet v at the train station, someone came in and said people could not sign on to gemini. h is off putting his boat in the water, m is at class this week, k is on vacation this month, so i stayed and found the print spool directory had filled up again. people will put in the unit number as the number of copies, so the thing will try and print hundreds of thousands of reports.

had allowed lots of time so i still got there before v. tried to buy a ticket where they sell subway tokens and was told to buy one on the train. v yelled as i was walking down the stairs to the platform, i couldn't see her, then she appeared behind the wire screen above the stairs, waited for her on the landing. had taken the communter train home once, but never out to sharon. we had missed the earlier train by ten minutes. two trains came at once from the same direction on either side of the platform, and we got on the wrong one. for a while the other kept pace right next to us, then pulled ahead as we slowed for our first stop. so we got off at norwood and went to a the el morocco, were v called n to get us. v ordered cous cous and seven vegetables and i copied her. if i don't, i always think the other person's food looks better than mine. it was very good, there were carrots, yams, onions, chickpeas and raisins and stuff.

n showed up eventually and it was nine miles home. went out and stood on the low dock as the clouds gathered in the evening twilight, wind from the south west, you can tell by the waves, and played recorder and penny whistle to the lake. as much of gift to be simple as could remember or make up. one corner of the dock is sinking. after, v read some housman and i read some don marquis about mehitambel dancing.

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