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mon 12-01-97 overcast and wet.

new person starting today. new project, loading a new operating system, something else i don't know how to do. looks easy. showed j how to play with fonts.

plugged in the phone, a called. reading baudino, maze of moonlight.

tue 12-02 wind. h and ambulance attendant chasing a pillow blown from a patient's stretcher. to chef chang's with h and k.

crescent moon, evening star, bare trees and sky. met with a and friend, talked of greek religion. on the way, beeper started going off, battery low. usually can only see one star out the back window, tonight lots.

wed 12-03 sun. batgirl in birds of prey, predictable. best this week was jla paradise lost, revolting angels, manhunter dead, some interesting ideas, too much violence.

tai chi was confusing. the last two new sets of movements not too difficult, then two weeks practicing the same movements, so i think i know what i'm doing, now something new and complicated. class down to five, including the instructor.

thu 12-04 paged at 3:30 and 4:14 this morning, could not get into m on falcon, called j, who had to force m down then restart it. am slowly learning some of this stuff.

up late, kids in the school yard through the trees and over the fence, then quiet. overcast, can see it starting to rain in the puddles in the drive next door.

clearing. got a falafel today, have wanted one for a while, cafeteria usually has them thu, also got onion rings, large and crisp, and two peanut butter cookies, finally. working on bitmap of hospital logo.

fri 12-05 overcast and dark. thornton's with h, j, and l. avocado and sprout sandwich, chocolate cake. working on the logo, started with a scanned image, reducing it to the right size, painting part of it, then going through dot by dot, changing white to blue and black to white, more than once, since the stupid editor kept messing up. there may be a way to change one color to another, but it was faster to change the pixels by hand than to find where microsoft hid it.

more von o, including bartok bluebeard's castle, opera now, and peter serkin, in real time, modern piano. i can't help it, i like the music, if someone thinks i sound cultured, it's their problem.

i think i'm getting the new tai chi movement, but i don't know what i'm doing.

sat 12-06 clear. one white pigeon in the flock wheeling around the bridge. runners in black stretch pants, sweat shirts barely long enough. a pair in matching white sweat shirts, one with a black rectangle on the back.

someone asked for the messiah with kathleen battle and was pointed to the christmas section. checked, and found the von o version with marriner that had disappeared.

kupel's bagels is now closed on sat, it was their second busiest day.

sun 12-07 cloudy. listening to music all day, found lord of the dance on christmas revels. resistance to meditation.

mon 12-08 dark in the morning. spots of fire, sun glinting off a building in the distance through the trees, to the east. sun rising in the south east.

was supposed to be in at seven, forgot. logo works. moon at first quarter. good meditation, kwa released, open back, slow breathing. started very slow tai chi, beeped. some progress.

tue 12-09 up early, sky getting light by the time i finished meditation.

I plan to update M on Helga to a new version of the operating system on monday dec 8 at 7 am. Should be done before 8:30 am.

make that tuesday dec 9 at 8 am, done by 9.   t

done   t

the updated version of %RCMP doesn't seem to work with mac code.   t

users could not get on. k managed to mforce and mstart falcon and we restarted everything. also, corrected %mvb call in ZSTU for falcon as per j's note.   t

found basie and gillespie the gifted ones, used to have lp, better than i remembered. also got mahler's eighth, lots of people, von o in there somewhere.

wed 12-10 crow, purple clouds overhead, clear to the east. the beautiful driveway next door, with its old cut stones, ruts, and puddles when it rains, has been covered with blacktop.

legionnaires, xs frustrated, tanya troubled, imra exploring, inferno finished. one tai chi class left, next is level two part two.

thu 12-11 listening to mahler eighth part two. shirmp marinara at thornton's with h, l, and j, h offered check. sign on logo showing up in strange places.

fri 12-12 moved the bitmap stuff out of ondraw and into logo, so it's only drawn when i want it. had to figure out what d did and then do something different. don't know why it does't work when you use parentheses when creating the bitmap class, and does if you don't. mfc has taught me to just accept these things, microsoft is trying to create zombies.

sat 12-13 squirrel eating the buds of the tips of branches.

ice on the charles, near the edge, thin pieces that had broken up and frozen together again, so it looked like a mosaic. found delza's second book on wu style tai chi at the used book store, had seen it there before, seems very general, the clerk said had thought of getting it.

two new singers, dawn upshaw, who is on the werther disc with von o, singing canteloube's chants d'auvergne, folk song settings, very nice. and thomas hampson with mahler's kindertotenlieder, the piano version, also good, not too much vibrato. lucked out.

used the washer in the building for the first time. drier takes an hour and some things were still damp.

sun 12-14 sun and cold. was in seven stars looking for delza's first book, had seen a few flakes on the walk there, someone said there was a five minute snow storm, was some snow on the bricks when i went out, and sun. found it, also mahler's song of the earth with hampson. the book at seven stars, the cd at tower. had the lp, when i had lp's, so the beginning sounded familiar. harvard square twice this weekend. i've started paying for cd's with the debit card, so they aren't part of my budget. if i don't slow down, this could get really expensive. moon looks full.

dream of being suspended by my hands and feet by beams of energy. the license plate was painted over when a car was painted, someone said it should have been covered. something about a mercedes. remembering dreams more since i've been writing. meditating in the front room this evening, it's warmer than the corner room, moonlight reflected off the wooden floor.

mon 12-15 had the good cranberry muffins, got two. wrote zonk for program archive. more moonlight, corner room.

tue 12-16 awake at four thirty, mahler bach and gillespie with earphones. cookies for dinner, one pound trader joe's coconut pecan. contents of refrigerator

one pound and a bit shedd's willow run soybean margarine
one bottle saint george california chardonnay nineteen ninety six
six sesame seed bagels
one bottle ocean spray cranberry juice sixty four onces
one bottle polar selzer with lime one liter
part of a jar gulden's mustard
three and one fourth bottles tap water
one and two thirds package italian vegetables
two thirds package corn and broccoli
one package broccoli carrots and cauliflower
most of a package of peas
one trader joe's deep apple pie
typical, sometimes less, sometimes more.

wed 12-17 dream, tiny supergirl with a candle on her head, daughter of the king, brainwashed by the dark lord into tricking the stranded space traveler into making a beacon for to invasion, running away and starting to realize somethings wrong, something about red and white stripes and song, namovar or hammer jets are built to last forever. made flag icon.

nice cover on challengers, nothing to do with the story, liked jill thompson's art on trouble with girls, wonder woman, and sandman, but not here, to different and doesn't fit with the dark colors. female robin is nice, strange that the unrealistic part is father starting to realizing is an idiot, people don't change like that. ultra boy's origin in legends of the legion a disappointment, had been looking forward to it but they made it a cartoon.

last tai chi class, finished form. this was the first time b offered the fast track introduction, the catalog said could skip to level three and learn breathing. changed, left out sits and rises last three classes and says we have to take level two like everyone else, an extra four months. had been planning what courses to take, the two level three's and some chi gung, but now don't think i'll go back, will try and get what i need from a book.

thu 12-18 fish and chips in the cafeteria. waiting to find out about the program compare, may have to run a conversion routine for the macro code. if it's different, will have the change the editor, program achive, and install. would have been been nice if they told us about this before we did the update. meanwhile, the programmers are getting restless.

never got my beeper pay. and i'm gaining weight.

learned dec thirteen is lucia day in sweden, when blond girls wear candles on their heads and sing.

fri 12-19 high overcast. did a work around on the program compare. j finally said was the small logos, so worked on them, and should ask d about installing fonts, so did. evening star.

bought the scarab pendant i liked, small and silver, inscribed with black. five at yule circle, about the rebirth of the sun, led by different people, went fairly well, seemed to be more of an effort to include us, there were parts for twelve people, we had to double up, i was the lord of light. think i'm getting less near sighted, can't focus on the pendant while i'm wearing it.

trying to fit sits and rises into last tai chi movements, b did talk about kwa squats, so didn't leave them all out. the last turn ends low, but i think it counts as a rise because of the stretch, the step is a sit but you end up the same hight, turning the wrists on the rise makes everything come out right. the book doesn't have them, or the breathing.

sat 12-20 dream, wandering on someone's property, climbing back up concrete ledge, walking towards entrance with owner, live action legion of superheros, sitting in metal folding chairs with actors, listening, skunk got in, walking outside with them, talking to someone, will do well.

when i was visiting my mother in maui two years ago, we were out looking for twin falls, a bull and some cows blocked the path, we and two others went off to the side, waiting for them to pass, the bull came over, large but not threatening. followed two others and a guide, climbed down over a concrete structure by the side of the canal, was a large waterfall, not the one we were looking for, trouble climbing back up. shirt and book from mom, oranges from dad, cards from them and larry and peg, didn't do cards this year.

overcast and dark, lighter later, not too cold. looking up scarab at trident bookstore cafe and seven stars, it is a symbol of rebirth. dylan

he who's not busy being born is busy dying.
couldn't find the upshaw album with the interesting picture on the back. the charles frozen all the way across between the foot bridge and western ave, didn't think it was that cold. male malard couldn't climb out of a hole in the thin ice near the shore, two females and a male foraging on the bank. by the water treatment plant, crow flies over and lands on the very top of a pine tree, yelling. got a piece of banana cream cheese cake at star on commonwealth.

stars out back, christmas lights on the fire station in front. longest night, tai chi and meditation to candle light and hildegard von bingen, chants for the feast of st ursula. moon at third quarter, rising at midnight. will the sun return?

sun 12-21 clear. response from v. one budget cd.

mon 12-22 still have whatever it was i had yesterday.

tue 12-23 white seagulls circling in the snow. home today.

wed 12-24 met h on the corner, said turned and there i was. asked how i got there, said i'd been waiting all night. didn't look covered with snow, said i'd been plowed.

most of the salad bar at star taken up with vegetable platters and stuff, got a cranberry nut loaf instead. got d's code to install a font working.

fri 12-26 finished logos, may be done.

sat 12-27 overcast and damp, most of the snow gone. drove to harvard square, parked on western ave by the b school. upshaw, girl with orange lips and gorecki's third. more ice on the charles, ragged formation of ducks flying upstream and the sound of a jet. got a peter david star trek novel and read all of it, rock and a hard place. late, snow in headlights.

sun 12-28 bight and clear. wanted hermits last night, went to stop and shop today, also meatballs and green peppers from the salad bar, and baby limas to go with the italian vegetables as an alternate to peas. listening to my new cd's and kronos, pano da costa. reading dancers of noyo by st clair, had found it depressing after rites of spring. late, limas and pasta.

mon 12-29 finished noyo, got more interesting, but things kept coming out of nowhere. youths of post apocalyptic counter culture tribes in california forced to dance by elders.

tue 12-30 paged late this morning, fixed helga. one crow and a garbage truck. wet. empty black plastic garbage bag on beacon st, cars run over it, gets stuck under one. met with j, need to clean up some of the fetal monitor stuff. finished death artist in breath of suspension by jablokov. lots of style, strong images, some substance.

wed 12-31 wind and cold. more cd's. found one i had seen before then didn't remember and couldn't find, hilary hahn plays bach, very nice solo violin, recorded with too much echo. fitzgerald sings porter is too anti poly, has a few selections with just rhythm section which i like better than the band arrangements. one of the songbooks is supposed to have some nice jazz violin by stuff smith, this wasn't it. upshaw is only in the last movement of mahler's fourth, still worthwhile. the eighth was all vocal so i thought there might more, hard to find information without buying the album.

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