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Timothy Walden
69 Varga Rd Apt 114
Ashford, CT 06278
telephone: No phone calls


     24 years experience in Mumps; 15 years experience with structured
     and object-oriented languages, including C/C++, JavaScript, and
     Pascal; 8 years experience in HTML.
Employment History
     Jan 1994 - Mar 2002:  Senior Analyst, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical
     Center, Boston. Developed and implemented fetal monitor display
     that serves 27 Labor and Delivery beds using C and C++. Created the
     M database during conversion using Miis backup tapes, Mumps, and
     Unix. Wrote the program editor, program archive, and version
     control systems. Wrote DOS and Windows versions of our nonstandard
     terminal emulators using C++. Consolidated log-in and standardized 
     interfaces and result-entry for all auto-analyzers. Designed and
     wrote provider order entry web pages for Chemistry and Hematology
     using Mumps, HTML, and JavaScript.
     Jan 1989 - Dec 1993:  self-employed, consultant to Brigham and
     Women's Hospital and Southeastern Connecticut Women's Center. Aided
     in testing and evaluating new versions of Mumps for Brigham. Wrote
     accounts payable and general ledger system for SCWC using Pascal.
     Jul 1984 - Dec 1988:  Senior Systems Analyst, Center for Clinical
     Computing, Boston. Wrote and installed Chemistry system for Brigham
     and Women's Hospital using Mumps. Team leader of Laboratory
     programmers. Wrote and maintained system utilities. Wrote a
     terminal emulator using Pascal.
     Feb 1984 - Jul 1984:  Senior Analyst, Damon Corporation, Needham.
     Maintained Laboratory systems in several states. Installed new Mumps
     operating systems.
     Oct 1983 - Jan 1984:  Programmer Analyst, The Mumps Collaborative,
     Newton. Wrote interfaces to various auto-analyzers for laboratories 
     in Las Vegas and Minneapolis.
     Sep 1978 - Aug 1983:  Programmer Analyst, Beth Israel Hospital,
     Boston. Rewrote and maintained Chemistry, Hematology, and Blood Gas
     systems using Mumps. Wrote charge entry system for outpatient
     clinics. Maintained ADT, outpatient scheduling, and a database of
     500,000 patients.
     B.A. Math, University of Connecticut, 1974.

     Tai Chi, Taoism, Buddhism, meditation, Bible study, early and modern
     music, used book stores.