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The Three Wives of Henry.

Copyright 2004 by Timothy walden.  All rights reserved.

Henry/Harry    TV star / TV writer and star / taxi driver
Kate           TV star, Henry's wife / Henry's neighbor
Liz/Mary       Henry and Kate's daughter / Kate's daughter
Jane           TV writer, Harry's wife
Tom            TV writer
Anna           Henry's wife


A large open space, a family room, some straight chairs, a violin case on a small 
table, a picture of a crane on the wall.  Henry and Kate are doing kwa squats with 
hands on hips.  Kate well, Henry clueless.

Kate: Keep your head up and your back straight.  Tuck in your chin.

Henry tries.  Tucks chin in too much, then less.  Straightens back slightly.

Kate: Keep your knees still, don't move them forward or back.

Henry looks skeptical, tries.

Henry: I can't do that.  I'll fall over.

Kate: Keep your shoulders over your knees, and your neck straight so your head goes 
forward, for balance.  Don't go down so far.

Henry tries again.  Kate comes over and sits on the floor in front of him.  She holds 
his knees.

Kate: Relax.  Drop your shoulders.  


Kate: Start with your feet flat and your weight forward, in the center of your foot.  
Tuck your tail in and straighten your lower back.


Kate: Now, don't go down too far, so your weight only goes back a little.


Henry: I feel like I'm sitting down.

Kate: Good, that's what you want.

Kates sits up.  Henry does two more.

Kate: Keep your head up, shoulders down, back straight, knees still, and feet flat.  
Move from your center, breathe from your belly, and relax.

Henry: Anything else?

Kate: Yes, but that's enough for now.

Henry: Tell me why we're doing this again?

Kate: To reduce stress.

Henry: Ah.

Lisa enters.

Lisa: Hi Mom, Dad.  Am I interrupting?

Kate: Hi Lisa.  No, I was just holding Henry's knees.

Lisa: Oh.  I'll come back.

A Little Touch of Harry.


An office, desk and chairs on one side, floor mat opposite.  Harry and Jane staring 
into space.

Harry: I don't know what to write.  Do you know what to write?

Jane: I don't know what to write.

Jane goes and sits on the mat and does a half forward bend.  Harry looks skeptical.


Jane: How about the fake magic object?

Harry: What for?

Jane sits up.

Jane: To cure Henry's stuttering.

Harry: Henry doesn't stutter.

Jane: Ah.

Jane does a half forward bend on the other side.


Harry: How about Anna gets jealous?

Jane sits up.

Jane: Of whom?

Harry: Mrs. Atkins.

Jane: Not believable.  Too old.

Harry: Ah.

Jane does a full forward bend.  Harry winces.


Jane: How about a guest star?

Harry: Who?

Jane sits up.

Jane: Lucille Ball.

Harry: Is there anyone who does a good Lucy?

Jane: Um.  How about Jimmy Stewart?

Harry: He comes to the door collecting for the Red Cross?

Jane: Um.  Well, we can't do John Belushi.  He was only four.

Harry: A baby John Belushi?

Jane: Samurai toddler?

Harry: Um.

Jane does a shoulder stand.  Harry looks resigned.


Janes sits up.

Jane: How about Anna gets jealous of Mrs. Atkins's cooking, she doesn't think her 
lasagna is as good as Kate's beef stew, and tries to make something fancy?

Harry: Chicken with grapes?

Jane: Crepe Suzettes?

Harry: Blackened Berliner?

Jane: It was before Kennedy.

Harry: Huh?

Jane: The way Kennedy used the word "Berliner" during his speech in Germany made it 
sound like he said "I am a jelly donut."

Harry: Blackened?

Jane: Not stirred.

Harry: So Anna sets the jelly donuts on fire and tries to pass them off as crepe 

Jane: Um.

Jane lies back and does a fish.  Harry tries not to look too interested.

Tom enters.

Tom: Do you have anything?

Harry: Yes.

Jane sits up.

Jane: Maybe.

Henry and I.


An apartment, kitchenette, table and chairs, doorway opposite.  Anna in the kitchen.

Henry enters.

Henry: Hi Anna, I'm home.

Anna: Hi Henry.  How was your morning?

Henry: Ugh.  Don't ask.  I drove all night and ...

Anna: Stop.  The doctor said  you have to relax more, or you'll get another heart 
attack.  Here, sit down and let me rub your neck.

Does.  Henry starts to relax.  Still has a tight and pained look.

Henry: That feels good.

Anna: You have a lot of tension here.  Just let go.  Think of somewhere peaceful.

Henry relaxes some more.  Smiles a little.


Mary knocks and enters.

Mary: Hi Anna.  I'm here for our practice.  Hello Mr. Turner.  Am I interrupting?

Anna: Hi Mary.  No, I was just rubbing Henry's neck.

Mary: Oh.  I'll come back.

Anna: It's ok.  Just let me give Henry his juice and we can start.

Anna pours a glass of orange juice and puts it on the table in front of Henry.  Mary 
starts warming up.  Anna joins her.  Henry drinks his juice and watches them.


Anna: You know Henry, you could learn some ballet too, to help you relax.

Henry: Me in a tutu?

Anna: Men don't wear tutus, they wear tights.

Henry looks at her.

Anna: You don't have to wear tights.  Just some baggy clothes to practice in.

Henry: um.


Henry walks over and gets his fiddle.  He sits down and plays a tune in double time to 
their warming up movements.  Smiles a little.  Relaxes.  Anna smiles.

Henry: I wanted to do better for you, Anna.  All these years and nothing to show for 
it.  If I hadn't had those medical bills, or lost our savings in Florida real estate, 
or gotten involved in gambling and done time in prison...

Anna: That can't be helped now.  We should be thankful for what we have, a roof over 
our heads and food on the table.  That's more than a lot of people have.


Henry: Yes, you're right.  What did I do to deserve you, Anna?

Anna: You're a good man, Henry.