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From Sohl and Carr The Gospel According to Zen
From Grant and Freedman The Secret Saying of Jesus

His disciples said to him:
On what day will the rest of the dead take place?
And on what day does the new world come?
He said to them:
That rest for which you are waiting has come;
but you do not recognize it.

Jesus said:
I stood in the midst of the world
and I appeared to them in the flesh;
I found all of them drunken;
I found none among them thirsty.
And my soul was pained for the chidren of men,
for they are blind in their hearts,
and they do not see
that they came empty into the world
seeking also to leave the world empty.
But now they are drunken.
When they throw off their wine,
then they will repent.

Jesus said:
If your right eye leads you astray,
tear it out and fling it away;
it is better for you to lose one part of your body
than for the whole of it to be thrown into hell.
And if your right hand is your undoing,
cut it off and fling it away;
it is better for you to lose one part of your body
than for the whole of it to go to hell.

Jesus said:
Look upon the Living One as long as you live
so that you will not die
and seek to see him
without being able to see him.

Jesus said:
I will give you
what eye has not seen
and ear has not heard
and hand has not touched
and which has not come into the heart of man.

Jesus said to his disciples:
Make comparisons; tell me what I am like.
Simon Peter said to him:
You are like a just angel.
Matthew said to him:
You are like a wise philosopher.
Thomas said to him:
Master, my mouth will in no way endue
my saying what you are like.
Jesus said:
I am not your master.

Jesus said:
Blesed are the single ones and the elect,
for you will find the kingdom.
For you are from it,
and you will enter it again.

Jesus said to them:
When you make the two one,
and make the inside like the outside,
and the outside like the inside,
and the upper side like the under side,
and in such a way that you make the man
with the woman a single one,
in order that the man is not man and the
woman is not woman;...
then you will go into the kingdom.

Jesus said:
He who will drink from my mouth
will become like me.
I too will become he
and secrets will be revealed to him.

Jesus said:
Perhaps men think that I came
to cast peace on the world;
and they do not know that I came
to cast divisions upon the earth,
fire, sword, war.
For five will be in a house;
there will be three agianst two and two against three,
the father against the son and the son against the father.
And they will stand because they are single ones.

Jesus said:
The foxes have their holes and the birds have their nest;
but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head and to rest.

Jesus said:
I am the light
which is over everything.
I am the All;
from me the All has gone forth,
and to me the All has returned.
Split wood: I am there.
Lift up the stone, and you will find me there.

Jesus said:
When you make the two one,
you will become sons of man;
and if you say, Mountain, be removed!
in will move.

The disciples said to Jesus:
Tell us in what way our end will take place.
Jesus said:
You have indeed uncovered the beginning
so that you may seek the end;
for in the place where the beginning is,
there the end will be.
Blessed is he who will stand in the beginning,
and will know the end and will not taste death.

Jesus said:
Let him who seeks not cease in his seeking until he finds;
and when he finds, he will be troubled,
and if he is troubled, he will marvel,
and will be a king over the All.

Jesus said:
The kingdom of the Father
is like a merchant who had a cargo,
and who found a pearl.
He was a wise man.
He sold his cargo
and bought for himself the pearl alone.
You too seek for his treasure which does not perish,
which abides where no moth enters to eat
and worms do not destroy.

Jesus said:
If you do not fast to the world,
you will not find the kingdom;
if you do not truly keep the Sabbath,
you will not see the Father.

And he said:
Man is like a wise fisherman, who cast his net in the sea
and drew it out of the sea when it was full of little fishes.
Among them the wise fisherman found a large good fish.
He cast all the little fishes down into the sea.
He selected the large fish without difficulty.
He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

Jesus said:
Many stand before the door,
but the single ones are those who will enter into the bridechamber.

The disciples said to Jesus:
Tell us what the kingdom of heaven is like.
He said to them:
It is like a grain of mustard, smaller than all the seeds.
But when it falls on the earth which is tilled,
it sends forth a great branch and becomes a covering
for the birds of heaven.

Jesus said:
Blessed is he who was before he became.
If you are my disciples and hear my words,
these stones will serve you.
For you have five trees in paradise;
they do not stir, summer or winter,
and their leaves do not fall off.
He who will understand them will not taste death.

Jesus said:
He who has known the world has found a corpse,
and he who has found a corpse,
of him the world is not worthy.

His disciples said:
Show us the place where you are
for it is necessary for us to seek it.
He said to them:
He who has ears, let him hear!
There is light within a light-man
and it illuminates the whole world;
if it does not illuminate it, it is darkness.