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sat 07-03-99 Walked to Harvard Square and looked in the used book store. Sat in sun by the Charles for half an hour.

sun 07-04 Stayed in all day and read.

mon 07-05 Went in to work on lab consolidation. The developement machine was taken down with no warning and didn't come back. Had to walk to Libby twice. Hot.

tue 07-20 I took the chicken out of the freezer and bought an onion.

wed 07-19 I left the fan on again today, but it was still running when I got home and the floor was not wet.

sat 07-24 Thunder last night. Closed the window and saw the clouds flashing. Later I heard the rain against the window. Cloudy this morning, then clearing.
Went to the library looking for The Last Trial, about the sacrifice of Isaac. I though the branch in this Jewish neighborhood might have it, and it's open on saturday. The only copy listed was in Lexington. Then I found a used copy in the Boston Book Annex.
There is a Darth Maul leggo figure. It's two inches high and costs forty one dollars.
Three thunder storms this evening.

sun 07-25 Cracks of thunder and hailstones bounding off the windows in the downpour this afternoon, then sun.

tue 07-27 Trouble at work. Bob wants to write directly in the new tools (which aren't written yet) and won't let me fix the code so I can understand it first.

fri 07-30 They're working on the apartment next door. My apartment has smelled like paint for two days. I left the slider open last night and it's cool in here now. Looking for something else, I retrieved my copies of Hadrian the Seventh and The Master and Margarita.

sat 07-31 Walked to Davis Square then took the T to Tower Records. Bought a book and a bunch of CD's. The Triumph of Elohim, Clapton, von Otter, Grappelli, Faure, Mozart. And two chocolate macaroons for tomorrow.

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