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tue 12-01-98 Windy and clearing, some water on the sidewalks and bricks. A newspaper page caught in a low branch. The dry leaves on the sidewalk all deciding to move at once, like a flock of sparrows.

mon 12-07 Not too crowded in tai chi tonight, I was on the right end by the door and had enough space. Worked on twisting the muscles around the bone in the legs, with Bill again, and did ok. Feel the turn spiral from the upper legs through the backs of the knees, the lower legs, and the sides of the feet, and up through the pelvis to the lower back.

sat 12-12 On the way to my aunt's house, after her memorial service at Connecticut College, we could see the water a lot more clearly than in the summer. Valerie liked the big rock in the river.

mon 12-14 Still dark at 6:40 am. At 7:32 the sun is up, west of the apartment building across the street, shining straight in my window.
Last tai chi class tonight, off to Maui tomorrow.

tue 12-15 At the L.A. airport I found my cranberry muffin was squished, ate it anyway, got some on my shirt. Did find a plug for my CD player and realized I should have brought music for airports. Arrived early after a very long flight because of a tail wind.

wed 12-16 Saw Star Trek Insurrection, mom liked it.
Andy convinced mom to get a computer and said I should help her buy it, so we looked at webtv in Sears but there was no one to show us how it worked.

thu 12-17 Went to the glass blowers in Makawao and Viewpoints Gallery, saw a silly bronze of two men peering. To Lahaina to the used book store and the bakery. To the Maui Arts Center to look at the artsy wreaths. Mother and I looked for the brick she had bought in Joe's memory and it was one of the one's they were doing today. To Eagle hardware to look at plants and got a little cedar tree hanging way over the side of it's bonsai pot.

fri 12-18 Went to Paia where I bought another ring and a silver gecko and a very good curry puff and a piece of macadamia nut ring cake with icing. Mother bought a little chinese sage for under the cedar and a fish sandwich with lots of fries at Picnics. Went to Costco and didn't get a computer but did get string cheese for Mollie.

sat 12-19 Went to Officemax and bought a computer and printer and scanner. They didn't have the printer and scanner cartridge which were included in the package, so they gave us another printer and a flat bed scanner. We were supposed to get a rebate. Also bought a desk.
Saw the Messiah the Maui Arts Center. Very small orchestra, the violins had problems, the cellist was good, nice chorus, I liked two of the soloists.

sun 12-20 Finished the desk, put the computer together, and signed up for aol. Sent mail to Valerie.

mon 12-21 Wandered by myself to Officemax for a longer cable for the scanner, to Wailuku for comics, and to Kihei to look for the Tepper book. Walked on the beach. If anyone knows where I can find a copy of Dervish Daughter, please let me know.
My wrist hurt from putting the desk together.

tue 12-22 Went to Border's for computer books on aol, PC's, basics, and the internet.
Lunch at Down to Earth, a vegetarian market and deli, a branch of the market in Makawao. Went upstairs thinking there might be waiters, back down to get food, they had a hot table and salad bar, I had rice and beans and eggplant and pototoes and some kind of cobbler which I thought was gone but they brought out more. On the way out mom saw a nice greek salad with green and yellow and red peppers and tomatoes and onions and feta and lots of olives and no lettuce and got it for me.

wed 12-23 Went to Lahaina to wave at Maui cam at 2 pm. Planet Hollywood for lunch, where mother had liked the lasagna. It came standing up as a tube.
Saw the Saltmen of Tibet at the Maui Arts Center. Long and slow and good. Mother liked the horse races. Before it, a lama spoke and someone translated, and a prayergram was performed.

thu 12-24 Went to Twin Falls and took four and a half rolls of rocks. Part of the cow path has become a driveway, there was a section of mud, it rained when I got to the first pool and I had to wait a few minutes for it to stop, ran out of path half way to the top pools, waded over slippery rocks on the way back.
Picked up Mollie at the airport, sans luggage.

fri 12-25 Out past Lahaina for the buffet, found Mollie's luggage on the way back, watched Home Alone 3. sat 12-26 When to the swap meet and had lunch at Marco's, Mollie's favorite restaurant. I had the mahi mahi sandwich and fries, Mollie had a burger which she has to finish or she can't go back. It may be the only time she finishes anything. She did finish putting the shelves on the desk, which I couldn't do.
Walked to Makawao, the only time this trip.

sun 12-27 The north mountains were clear, with the evening star above.
Saw You Have Mail, which I liked.

mon 12-28 To the aquarium. Saw sharks fed, turtles, a very good reef display, and sting rays. Nice outdoor cafeteria, had a tuna sandwich on homemade bread.
Got my pictures back, the five by seven's are bigger than I thought, they came out well. One was blurred because it focused on the raindrops.

tue 12-29 Went to Paia to buy a gray tee with the flower pattern across the front and the back, like the locals wear, in dark blue. To Long's to not buy Mollie's medicine, and Costco to buy nothing. A successful trip, though I had wanted the eastern tree guide. The wildflower guide I got before turned out to be western. Watched Nova about pearls and left Maui at 10:38 pm.

wed 12-30 Valerie met me at the airport, I was almost the last one off the plane. It was very good to see her waiting beyond the security barrier. She lost her car keys but had spares. Got stuck in the tunnel, traffic thinned after.

thu 12-31 First night at Sharon. Four Flutes Over Boston at Our Lady of Sorrows was very good. They played Bach, Haydn, Berlioz, and Kuhlau. There was no danger of the ice sculpture of the eagle in front of the bank melting. The balloon stayed on the ground but looked nice when lit from within by the big flame.

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