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sun 11-01 Went to the contra dance in Chaplin last night. It was nice but tiring. There were a lot of people but less than last time. Got there early this time, instead of half way throught the first dance. When the caller started the lesson we had two experienced men and several beginning women. At the break I could see a gold and misty first quarter moon throught the bare tree branches.

hollow dam falls
clock faces museum mushroom
fri 11-07 Drove to the Food Co-op in Willimantic, and they had When Pigs Fly bread. Have been looking for it since I had some in august. Bought two loaves of Six Grain and Pumpkin Seed and one of Greek Olive.
Got lost driving to Mansfield Hollow and found an old stone factory below the dam. There is a tiny museum in the lobby. There had been various mills at the site and, in the first half of last century, a factory that made optical equipment. Univ of Conn used the building as storage for several years, and now it is light manufacturing. At one point the tower was raised to house a larger hoist and four clock faces were added, but there were never any clockworks.

wed 11-12 After my shower, a ladybug with black spots buzzed onto the fogged up mirror and slowly slid down an inch while trying to crawl around.
Went to prison fellowship at Bay state. I had missed re orientation when I was away last winter and did not get approval again until monday. We ended up with ten people including three from outside. The discussion topic was stress, where it comes from and what to do about it.
It had gotten cloudy and damp in the afternoon, and there was fog as I drove home over the hills in the dark.

deer lake marsh
fri 11-21 I went looking for kettle holes. I should have known better, but I was expecting holes instead of depressions. There is a small lake in the woods.

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