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Knowlton north Knowlton south barn
gate geese oriental chestnuts
thu 10-02 Walked over to Knowlton Hill that was list in the Joshua's Tract book. Could see the middle of Knowlton Pond from the other side through the woods. Started to rain as I got back to the open field.

mushroom mushroom mushroom
stump web mushroom
fri 10-03I finally found the entrance to the Church Farm Trail on Varga Road. It was hidden behind a big sign that said Church Farm Trail. There was an over friendly dog off lead. Mushrooms were sprouting. The spherical web of the orb spider sparkled in the sunlight and the wind. Lost in the details, I learned how to take close ups with the new camera and hiked through to route 89.

mushroom chipmunk maple
mon 10-13 Found a chipmuck living in a many chambered fortress.

Terry joe pye weed
thu 10-16 Terry collected seed from joe pye weed for her prairie.

sat 10-18 Low sun from a cloudy sky against a line trees across a harvested corn field, south of Eagleville Lake.

spider on moss lichen
tue 10-21 We walked in Mansfield Hollow, and Terry found some strange lichens growing on top of the dam.

thu 10-23 Was surprised when I looked out the window this morning at saw snow.

sat 10-25 Went to the Ballard puppet museum yesterday. A student gave me a very good tour. It was about opera, and half the exhibit was about tiny pipe cleaner and crape paper figures and the large sets to go with them, which a librarian in Chaplin had spent his life making and performing with. He had improvised materials and added as much detail as could be seen from a few feet away, as much as you could see from the middle of an opera house.
At the grocery store I saw a box with two cans of Dinty Moore chili and some corn bread mix to go on top and thought I could do something like that. Mexi beans and corn bread or baked beans and brown bread in a casserole. With the casserole cover I could steam the brown bread like you are supposed to. The brown bread my mother made after she inherited the pan never dried out. It was supposed to be moist, and the big slices would flop around, but tasted very good.

flood mushrooms wild turkey
sun 10-26 Saw a red-bellied woodpecker. I think I saw one while I was driving, gray with a red head. Then when I was taking pictures of trees, I heard it complaining and saw it flying from tree to tree. The 1977 book said it had recently moved into CT from the south.
The Fenton River was high. The path was flooded in one place, and I had trouble crossing side streams. Then I reached a spot where I didn't see any easy way around, so I turned back. There was flock of seven wild turkeys that had crossed the path behind me and gone over a hill. I saw them again when I followed a side stream to take pictures of the waterfalls. It looked like there had been even more water coming down the hill a little earlier, since I was walking on dry sand between large moss covered rocks next to the stream at one point.

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