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thu 10-03 Picked up Terry at the airport in Providence, and her black bag with the white x and red ribbon. Stopped for lunch at the Modern Diner in Pawtucket, which Terry had read about in a magazine. They served breakfast all day but closed at three a.m. We got a booth on the inside wall next to the counter. Many sandwiches and burgers. Terry had the Portuguese sausage and I had the turkey club. Pretty good fries. Someone at the counter saying he had been asked to get off the Accela and had to take a different train. A customer who seemed to work at the station as a guard saying he didn't know who would have done that.
On the loop at the end of our evening walk up Massapoag Ave there were cars parked on both sides all along the ends to Mountain and Arboro streets. Way too many to be for an event at someone's house and they seemed too far away to be overflow from something at the high school or beach.

fri 10-04 To the Museum of Fine Art with Terry. Some very dark photograms of children that I could sort of see after a while but that were lost on Terry. Someone playing Bach on guitar at the afternoon tea. Photographs of artists that Terry recognized by someone Terry knew about. Whistlers, Wyeths, and Sargents. Chinese furniture and Japanese kimonos. I had trouble parking a wound up in a two hour spot at Kenmore, so we had to go back and move the car to Brookline. Lunch by the courtyard window in the upscale basement cafeteria, greek from the salad bar and macaroni and bean soup. Stopped at a paper store in Coolidge Corner before starting home.

herbs roses sat 10-05 Looking for sassafras and witch hazel leaves for Terry at the Salvation Army camp next door. A small brown frog in the grass of the campfire clearing.
Much work, not by me, trimming roses and on the herb garden and washing windows. Sweet potato and orange salad from my new vegan cookbook. Much better this time.

Terry sun 10-06 Terry wanted her picture taken with the babies befor she left. Back to the airport. Almost missed the exit and an SUV went screeching by as I tried to make it.

Storm lake van tue 10-08 The deleaders arrived this morning and are starting on the third floor. I had moved down to the library.
The lake is quite low.
Valerie's brother Storm arrived yesterday. He is sleeping at the Saphire Inn behind us since one third of our house is missing.

dust thu 10-10 It was very calm to today when I went out and paddled around in the canoe for a while this afternoon. The lake is full of green particles and fragments and you can't see very far down.
The de-leading takes a turn for the worse as gray dust leaks from the containment field into the kitchen.

fri 10-11 We are told the gray dust if caulking compound. The windows won't be here for another week, so we wait while no work is done.

wed 10-16 To Norwood hospital in the rain to deal with Valerie's tachycardia. I started American Fuji, one of the remaindered books I bought last month, while I waited. It's about two americans trying to deal with Japanese culture.

stairs hall library thu 10-17 Sunny and very clear today. Still living in the library. I finally finished the Taoist I Ching.
Mixed Hexagrams 63 - Settled and 64 - Not Yet Settled
Now if you take the bit of celestial water of true unity from the water of desire on the earthly plane and use it to extinguish the raging fire of temper in the heart, and take the real fire of open awareness out of the temperamental fire in the heart and use it to burn away greed on the earthly plane, thus the true earthly and the true celestial will combine harmoniously.

Capon Hill Rd Mountain St Arboro Dr tue 10-22 Walked around the block as it clouded over and was finally able to get a picture of the stone retaining wall on Mountain Street.
The new windows arrived and were installed on the third floor yesterday. Now we are waiting for the test results.

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