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lillies no anchor boat
mon 07-01 The orange lillies by the mailbox are blooming now.
We loaned an
anchor to the people next door so they didn't have to tie their boat to a tree.

branch tree shade
window trees sunlight
tue 07-02 Went in to tai chi early to take some pictures of the beeches on Longwood Mall in Brookline. The sign says the park is for passive recreation only. No ball playing or picnicking allowed. Maybe people in the houses nearby don't want to see anyone having fun. It didn't say anything about taking pictures, and as I was walking back I saw someone sitting on the grass reading.

planter planter thu 07-04 More of the inpatiens in the planter came out.

Upper Leach Pond Valerie road
farm house Leach Pond mulleins
fri 07-05 Valerie and I went for a walk in
Borderland state park this morning. She enjoyed identifying the plants and dogs. She found a little first year mullein and a tall yellow spiked second year mullein growing next to each other. And a young chocolate lab and a black shepherd and a huge female bull mastiff who lay down on her foot. There were many different colored dragonflies and blue damselflies and small brown sparrows taking dust baths on the road ahead of us.

yucca changing a tire two cats sun 07-07 The right front tire of the prius was flat so Valerie took if off and got it fixed.
The yucca plant next to the driveway had grown stalks and today it blossomed. Last year it didn't.

ferry and city pier city pier and train station lower State street and sub shop
Mohegan hotel upper State street and courthouse oaks and Nathan Hale
mon 07-08 Drove down to New London, Connecticut, where I used to live. Walked from the park at Williams street down Broad and State to the city pier, and back.

wed 07-10 Windy and cooler today. Went for a long sail this morning. Only capsized twice and slid off once. The crash boat from the town beach where some kids are getting sailing lessons came over and asked if I needed any help. I said no thank you. I may have looked like I did since the boat blew over again after I righted it before I could get on, but I was on again before they finished circling upwind to get close enough to talk to me.

cilantro and chives basil and grass garlic and tomatoes thu 07-11 Pulling up some of the fine crop of grass growing in the herb garden, I turned up some medium sized brown beetles that scurried around and quickly reburied themselves. The chives and the second year parsley were the only things growing profusely, but now they are turning brown. There are some little red bulbs growing on the stalks of the garlic plants, and a few small green tomatoes. It was probably the rabbit that ate most of the basil leaves. And I seem to have knocked down the cilantro when I was watering it.
Went for a long canoe ride while the others were out. There was little wind. A small sailboat at the far end of the lake with someone lying down in the end, his feet up, watching the sunset. A few groups of people on their docks. A man squatting on one dock watching a child turning around in silvery streamers waving in the breeze. Back on our dock, a thin sliver of moon visible above the horizon in the darkening sky.

squirrel squirrel fri 07-12 After several years of trying, a squirrel finally figured out how to get to the bird feeder. I think she jumps from the top the kitchen bay window.

Ken Judy Valerie fri 07-19 Things start to happen. Fluid is leaking. Regular contractions haven't started yet. The doctor is called. Valerie deflates the birth ball and duct tapes the inflater together. Judy catches up on some last minute work. They are digging a new septic system next door, outside the computer room window. Ken herds everyone out the door. They are off to the hospital.
They come back home. Things should be happening soon, but not quite yet.

lady cardinal stairs hot tub sat 07-20 Still waiting here. They went to the hospital for monitoring and everything was fine. Then they came home.

sun 07-21 Judy's contractions started getting more organized at one a.m. They left for the hospital at six thirty.
Ken left a message I couldn't understand, but I think he said there was a girl and a boy.

mon 07-22 Judy, Ken and Valerie announce the birth of
Jocelyn Roseann   7/21/02, 10:53am 5 lbs 10 oz
Perry Anderson 7/21/02, 11:08am 7 lbs 14 oz
Judy and the twins are fine but will in the hospital another day or two.

Jocelyn and Perry I'm a girl tue 07-23 I saw the squirrel jump from the ledge at the bottom of the porch window up to the bird feeder. It took several tries.
They're home.

wed 07-24 Omar said one of the babies should have been named Bartholomew.

balloons thu 07-25 Jocelyn is in a nearby hospital recovering from neonatal jaudice. So three poeple are taking care one baby, the less fussy one, and have me running errands and are trying to figure out how to get someone else to help. Lots of people have offered, but most have kids of their own.

sun 07-28 I heard a crow outside my window this morning. West Nile didn't get them all. There has not been a large flock of seagulls on the lake in the evenings this year.

string Ken's chair mon 07-29 The babies are doing well and gaining back weight. People are beginning to catch up on their sleep. A different person has been over each night to help out. Becky brought three very good vegan salads.
The sailboat broke, but I fixed it with some string and went sailing this morning. A damsel fly hitched a ride part of the way. Didn't do my tai chi until evening.

bath fern wed 07-31 Perry's first bath.

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