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sat 05-27-00 At the Cape Cod Canal we saw:
a house finch
black-backed gulls
herring gulls
song sparrows
maybe an osprey
At the Narrows Restaurant in Wareham we had fish and chips.
At Earl's Marina in Fairhaven we watched Howard's 29 foot sloop lifted onto a hydraulic trailer and then up in a sling from a crane and lowered into the water.

sun 05-28
We made yoghurt coffee cake with blueberries. Yum.
On Lake Massapoag we saw ducks (mallards) and Tim saw a tree swallow. We saw fish.
On the way to church we saw two mourning doves.
We listened to most of a broadcast of "Die Zauberflaute" on WGBH, a performance of the Boston Lyric Opera from the Shubert Theater.
At Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary we saw two hawks (red tailed?), a rufous-sided towhee making lots of scratching in the leaves, a blue bird, and a wren, possibly a catbird, some swift or swallow-like birds, a crow. We saw pink ladyslipper orchids and a red-backed salamander. On the way home we saw a heron a-wing.
We made hummus and had a picnic with crudities and corn chips and hummus at Moose Hill.
We had stirfry Sunday night.
At the feeder we have seen titmice, chickadees, a downy woodpecker, goldfinches, a house wren (?), a chipping sparrow, blue jays, nuthatches.
(Two guest entries by Valerie.)

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